still thinking of a title...

still thinking of a title...
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Friday, February 26, 2010


Twenty nine inch wheels are greater than twenty six. Regardless of the trail or terrain, I have more fun on bigger wheels. I’ve been riding 29ers religiously for 5 years or so. The 29ers I’ve owned: Gary Fisher Rig, On-One Inbred, Voodoo Aizan, Voodoo Zaka, Niner Air9, Niner One9, Niner Air9 Carbon. The Carbon Niner is my favorite bike thus far and it’s the one I’m racing on this season. It is not only super light (19.9lbs) but it is also extremely stiff. It is the ultimate race bike! I have yet to ride a full suspension 29er, hopefully soon!

“The 26inch hardtail is dead.”