still thinking of a title...

still thinking of a title...
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I've moved

Thanks to the help and expertise of my friend Paul Rahn, I've got a new blog site rolling. Check it out here see you at wordpress, adios blogger! -Tim

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 season opener

Well, my bloggy blog has been ignored for quite some time but I found some motivation to write about my racing experiences this season aboard the Niner-Stan’s-Ergon Racing Team. Let’s see how this goes…

The first race of the season is in the books. The US Cup race in Fontana, California is a great season opener that usually draws lots of big names in the sport. With my new bike in a box, Lauren and I flew out to California for spring break to spend a week at Laguna Beach. Although we didn’t get a ton of great beach weather, it was super relaxing. I got in some good consistent rides on my newly built Air 9 Carbon on some of Laguna’s finest single track. The whole week while enjoying an incredible vacation, I had the first big race of the year on my mind. The Fontana Pro XCT was March 26th and 27th and I raced both days. Saturday was the grueling cross country race that consisted of 5 laps on a super fun course. It started off like usual with a ‘back of the pack’ call up… in a pro field of 92 racers, that’s way back there! I managed to finish 35th, 17 minutes behind the winner. I left it all out there and felt like I had a great day on the bike, I just wish the result was better. It sure is an excellent gauge to see where I am at in terms of racing fitness. I guess what that means is; I have my work cut out for me to prepare for the Whiskey 50 on May 1st.

On Sunday I was able to enjoy a leisurely morning at Laguna Beach, since my short track race wasn’t until 4. Lauren, her family, and I rolled downtown on the beach cruisers for coffee and pastries at one of their favorite spots, Scandia. Fruit, espresso, bear claw, and a quiche did the trick! We hung out at the beach house some more and then had some bomb leftovers that Joe grilled the night before. It was 2:30 and finally time to roll out to Fontana again for 20+ minutes of all out, balls to the wall, effort. I was especially excited for the short track because, well, I just love short track. Once again, starting in the back and picking people off one by one. I moved my way up to 25th and was satisfied with my race. All in all, it was a great weekend of racing, cool to see everyone out at the venue, and a solid start to a great year of bike racing!

I would like to mention that without the support from all my sponsors, none of this would be possible. Niner Bikes has been styling me out with insanely awesome bikes for the past two seasons, going on the third. I started out on the Air 9 Scandium, Kermit Green and almost immediately fell in love with the ride and geometry. Then I was testing some pre-production Air 9 Carbon bikes last season, now I’m rollin’ on my very own production Air 9 Carbon. It really does ride like a dream. Every now and then, Steve (the one who designs our bikes) and I will get out for a spin on the Front Range here in Golden, Colorado. It is such a privilege to ride for such a cool company and to be involved in the testing of new frame designs. Thank you Niner for this opportunity! There are so many other awesome team sponsors to thank as well. Stan’s No Tubes for the best damn tubeless wheels out there( ZTR/Crest is my favorite). Thanks to Ergon, for the super comfy ergonomic grips and packs (GS1 grips and BX2 pack). Sram pimped my ride with some killer 2x10 gear and an XX fork to match. Thomson for the best stem/seatpost/seat clamp on the market! Continental for the rubber (Race King 2.2F 2.0R)! Thanks to Nuun for keeping me hydrated the past few years, and everyone else that has helped me along the way. I am so grateful to have such supportive sponsors. Pedal Damn it!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Twenty nine inch wheels are greater than twenty six. Regardless of the trail or terrain, I have more fun on bigger wheels. I’ve been riding 29ers religiously for 5 years or so. The 29ers I’ve owned: Gary Fisher Rig, On-One Inbred, Voodoo Aizan, Voodoo Zaka, Niner Air9, Niner One9, Niner Air9 Carbon. The Carbon Niner is my favorite bike thus far and it’s the one I’m racing on this season. It is not only super light (19.9lbs) but it is also extremely stiff. It is the ultimate race bike! I have yet to ride a full suspension 29er, hopefully soon!

“The 26inch hardtail is dead.”

Sunday, January 31, 2010

start it up

This is where I am going to share some of my experiences and thoughts, on and off the bike.